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We pay you to buy a new home!

Here is how the Cash Back Rebate works when buying a home:

We will share one half of our commission with you. The seller pays the buyer’s agent’s commission and the commission can vary per transaction.  Typically the commission is 3% of the sales price, so based on a 3% commission we will share up to 1.5% with you. You will work with your lender to see how you can use the cash back rebate.  Lender restrictions do apply and all cash back rebates must be shown on the closing disclosure.  Many of my past buyers use this money towards their closing cost, so they have less cash out of their pocket at closing.

Our Services include:

  • Daily MLS search for new listings meeting clients criteria, results emailed to client.

  • Showing properties to clients.

  • Researching properties of interest.

  • Assist client in evaluating financing options and getting pre qualified or pre approved.

  • Providing and reviewing with buyer paperwork involved in transaction

  • Preparing and negotiating offers to purchase.

  • Assist client in arranging for necessary inspections.

  • Negotiating repairs based on inspections.

  • Follow-up on paperwork and details needed to bring sale to a close.

  • Anticipate and head off potential problems.

  • Resolve unexpected issues that arise.

  • Provide sound guidance and advice to client based on client’s best interests throughout the entire process.