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Full Service 1.5% Listing Fee

At I $hare Realty we only charge a 1.5% listing fee to list your home vs.  the typical listing fee 3%, so you will save THOUSANDS! 

Here is how the 1.5% Listing works:

In a typical real estate transaction agents charge a 6% real estate commission to sell your property. At closing, they take 3% for themselves as the listing brokerage agent, and offer 3% to the agent that brings a buyer, which together totals 6% commission.

At I Share Realty, we offer the same full-service you expect from an agent taking a 6% listing, however we only charge 1.5% for the listing agent side, and still offer 3% to the agent that brings the buyer.

So, instead of paying 6% of the sales price as commission at closing, you only pay 4.5% total commission with I $hare realty. On a $500,000 home that 1.5% commission savings will save you $7,500!

Our Full Service Listing agreements includes everything you expect:

  1. Together, we tour your home with you and give staging tips.

  2. Discuss the current values and recent sales in the community.

  3. Agree on a list price, and we sign a 6 month listing agreement as your “exclusive right to sell” broker.

  4. We hire professionals to take photos of your home, measure your property to create a floor plan, and then we create a MLS listing.

  5. Signage & Online Marketing

  6. Convenient Showing Service Appointments

  7. When offer comes in, we review offer with you and counter offer as necessary.

  8. After sales agreement has been made, we assist in the completion of all paperwork.

  9. Guide clients through the inspection process.

  10. Coordinate closing with the closing attorney.

  11. Attend closing.